500-Hour Teacher Training

Dive In! Yoga for Creative Living

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program


A fantastic opportunity to grow and express yourself creatively in and through Yoga! Through mind, body, and spirit we will open and expand your unique creativity. We are a Yoga Alliance registered school.

  • Yoga Practices for Balancing the Doshas
  • Yoga Therapy and Personal Coaching
  • Meditation Tools and Techniques
  • Developing a Seasonal Yoga Practice
  • Assisting, working with injuries
  • Asana and Subtle Body Anatomy Asana and the Chakras
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Ayurveda for Personal Care
  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Further introduction to Sanskrit
  • Kitchen Medicine
  • Mudras
  • Mantra
  • Leading Yoga Nidra and Advanced Meditations
  • Intuitive promptings
  • Freestyle writing, painting, and drawing
  • Sensory inspiration (see, touch, smell, hear, and taste)
  • Chakra awareness
  • Finding your muse
  • Shakti activation-experiences of the Goddess in Her many forms.

Through the month I’ll send writing prompts, inspiration, guidance, grammar and writing goals, and communication through the Facebook group.
Email Justina to register or with any questions:


Illinois does not require a license or certification to teach Yoga. Trailhead offers a 500- hour Yoga Teacher Certification program registered with the Yoga Alliance. This means that upon receiving your 500-hour certification you may apply for Yoga Alliance registry.

Yoga Alliance is a national registry for Yoga training programs and teachers of Yoga. It is NOT a certifying board.


I’m nearing the end of my 200-hour yoga teacher training with trailhead, and it has been the most amazing experience beyond my expectations. I had been practicing yoga a few years prior to enrolling and wasn’t sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised to find that we were learning much more than just teaching postures. We dove deep into yoga philosophy, history, nutrition, anatomy, and much more. Justina brought in many guest teachers that specialized in different types of yoga ( prenatal, yoga for diabetes, Iyengar, supported yoga, etc..). I will be graduating having learned far more than I payed for, and bonds with the other students that will last a lifetime, so thank you Trailhead and Justina! It’s been an amazing journey. KM

I will complete the 200-hour teacher training in the next month, and continue to be impressed with Trailhead’s commitment to developing its students.  The depth in the philosophy, anatomy, and asana curriculum have enriched the program and provided great rigor.  I have felt supported by Justina and the Trailhead staff in this endeavor, and have had multiple development opportunities.  Though I recognize how much I still have to learn and grow as a teacher, I feel the preparation Trailhead provided me far exceeded my expectations.  As another lovely bonus, our group of teachers in training has formed a strong, supportive bond.  Justina also is generous in her time and spirit with us.  I am excited to move forward with my certification, yet will dearly miss our training weekends.  This program would benefit not only the aspiring teacher, but also students wishing to gain a deeper understanding of yogic philosophy and “the journey within. AS

View more testimonials on our Yoga Alliance School Page HERE.


This is a 24-month program. Please make sure you are ready to commit to the full 24-months. The class meets one weekend per month with periodic meet-ups throughout the month: 

  • Friday night gentle yoga and meditation/teaching/discussion 5:30-8:30 pm
  • Saturday 8:30 am-5 pm (an hour for lunch on your own)


  • Feb. 8-9
  • March 8-9
  • April 12-13
  • May 24-25
  • June 7-8
  • July 12-13
  • Aug 16-17
  • Sep 13-14
  • Oct 11-12
  • Nov 15-16
  • 2020 schedule coming soon.


2019 Teacher Training Fee Schedule – 500-hour Program

  • $140 per month
  • $3360.00 total tuition
  • $2900 if paid in full in advance.

2019 Advanced Yoga Studies

  • $108 per month
  • $1188.00 total tuition
  • $1000 if paid in full in advance.


Two Options for Study

  Advanced Study 500-Hour
Duration 11 months 24 months
Total Contact Hours 104.5 Hours 228
Anatomy Online Course (Functional Anatomy 500-Hour Course)               — 15
Assignments Readings, monthly writing assignments Research paper, teaching a karma class for a local organization (10 classes), class observation and report, readings (5 classes), research paper/presentation, monthly writing/reading assignments. Group volunteering.
Books Functional Anatomy of Yoga Functional Anatomy of Yoga

The additional book list is given in January

  Certificate 500-Hour Certification
Tuition $108 per month


$1000 if paid in full in advance.

$140 per month


$2900 if paid in full in advance.

Tuition does not include the price of books or elective courses. 

Please contact the studio with questions.

To apply: call 217-899-1970 or Email justina.namaste@gmail.com.