Trailhead Yoga Teacher Training

Providing quality teacher training since 2009.

Yoga Alliance Registered Training.

200-Hour Program

Trailhead Center for Yoga and Ayurveda is pleased to offer an integrative, in-depth, traditional Yoga Teacher Training program in Springfield, Illinois. This program offers students a sound, rewarding, and challenging learning experience.

The class meets one weekend per month for ten months. We fulfill Yoga Alliance guidelines and then some! Our program explores all aspects of Yoga at a pace designed for the student to absorb the material, and feel comfortable leading a class of their own. 

Our Yoga program is based on the classical teaching of the Ashtanga Yoga (8- limb system) in the tradition of Sage Patanjali and the teachings of the Himalayan masters.

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300-Hour Program

Dive-In! Our 300-hour program is a fantastic opportunity to grow and express yourself creatively in and through Yoga! Through mind, body, and spirit we will open and expand your unique creativity.

This program brings together the sister sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda–the practices of Yoga as healing from the inside and Ayurveda as healing we take in from the outside. 

*Prerequisite: 200-hour Yoga teacher training certification from a Yoga Alliance approved training. 

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