J.O. – 200-Hour Student

Thank you to @trailhead_yoga_ayurveda for teaching me the true meaning of what yoga is. UNION. Any other westernized version of what yoga is, is shattered when you enter their doors. Almost three years ago, I was blessed to enter those doors. I was blessed to scrap my barista money to become a certified yoga instructor! And I’ve been teaching yoga privately for 2 years and have been privately practicing in self mediation for 5 years. I’ve been secret about this solitude because it’s a practice of reflection, not exercise primarily. In its eastern roots, yoga was life. The awareness and the union of everyday life and everyday beings. And I do my best to follow this path. Yoga is me and you and it’s an everyday discipline. It is a tool of awareness and healing.

A small ode to yogis: We are the women who vary with vengeance. We track our prey. Pray to tender gods. Godspeed to you enemy. God bless you always. We are owl bird and hollow hole and stepping stone and we are showing our teeth. And we come in packs. Covens. Flocks. We dress alike and we color coordinate. We run with wolves.