This has been a great program. As a man taking a 200hr yoga cert class, I didn’t know what to expect. I was surprised to be one of several males in the program. It was a comfortable mixed class led by Justina. 

As a yogi Justina is an open well balanced instructor, offering knowledge to students and allowing them to absorb the lessons in a way that makes it feel you were not just forced to accept things blindly. She can speak as lofty as an eastern Yogi, and at the same time as down to earth as an average Midwesterner. 

The class used modern online study guides as well as great guest instructors and through reading material. I have a stronger sense of yoga through asana (poses) but more I have a deeper sense of the real meaning of yoga beyond just “exercise” or “a good stretch” I have taught fitness classes for years and from the perspective of a seasoned teacher and a new student I would whole heartedly recommend this if you are committed to yoga. 

PS: I read the recommendations too before signing up, so yes I mean YOU should sign up 🙂

M.J. 43yrs old