My 200 hour yoga teach training has given me a truly significant basis of knowledge to begin teaching. This program goes beyond asanas into a background of philosophy, spirituality and self care. It has made a noticeable difference in my anxiety and daily life. Although it teaches you to teach and conduct classes, it reminds you that your practice starts with the self. Justina’s studio is an open and safe location to begin your journey.



This has been a great program. As a man taking a 200hr yoga cert class, I didn’t know what to expect. I was surprised to be one of several males in the program. It was a comfortable mixed class led by Justina. 

As a yogi Justina is an open well balanced instructor, offering knowledge to students and allowing them to absorb the lessons in a way that makes it feel you were not just forced to accept things blindly. She can speak as lofty as an eastern Yogi, and at the same time as down to earth as an average Midwesterner. 

The class used modern online study guides as well as great guest instructors and through reading material. I have a stronger sense of yoga through asana (poses) but more I have a deeper sense of the real meaning of yoga beyond just “exercise” or “a good stretch” I have taught fitness classes for years and from the perspective of a seasoned teacher and a new student I would whole heartedly recommend this if you are committed to yoga. 

PS: I read the recommendations too before signing up, so yes I mean YOU should sign up 🙂

M.J. 43yrs old


I have been doing Yoga off and on since high school in the late 1960s. My wife and I began Yoga once again with a friend diagnosed with recurrent breast cancer. Subsequent to that loss, my wife and I both suffered a heart attack and cancer.We practiced yoga during our “cancer years” and following some experiences with the practice I began searching for a Yoga 200 hour training to prepare for more advanced training in Yoga for cancer. I contacted several schools then saw we have a local training course at the Trailhead Healing Arts Center in Springfield, Illinois.I telephoned Justina Schacht, owner of Trailhead, and within a short while knew that I could learn a great deal from her. My wife and I visited with Justina and we signed-up. No regrets and all expectations are being exceeded.Justina is a down-to-earth caring soul with years of experience in Yoga but too has experienced the depth of challenge within her own life needed for a true teacher. Experiential knowledge provides the “soul” of her practice and both my wife and I always leave the class with added energy and feeling peacefully happy.

Justina is certified in Ayurvedic medicine as well as advanced Yoga and meditation practices. Her studio can only be described as an energetic space where people find community and personal connection. Justina is open in sharing experiences difficult to speak of which also creates a comfort zone for people to release and share.

Her Asana are challenging but always done with an eye on injury prevention. The teacher training includes a subscription to an online anatomy course with in-class discussion and testing. We train and discuss the Asanas always with an eye to anatomy, breath and energetic movement maximizing the benefits.

Reading and classroom discussion dives into the philosophy and culture of the practices along with ethical and legal obligations for the Yoga teacher. We share a lot of personal experiences and approaches used to interface with various personalities.

Our Asana practice is designed to instruct the teacher on proper alignment, energetic direction, and breath. We have students ranging in age from early twenties to late sixties and everyone participates in review and helping each other attain proper alignment within the poses; it is a close community that develops within the first two sessions providing a true learning environment.

Justina is confident in her approach and grasp of the topics conveyed including holding a Master of Arts degree in consciousness. She guides the class into areas of their own lives as a natural flow and we actively offer the many perspectives to every situation which leads to the group gaining both understanding and appreciation for each other, the basis of the term Namaste!

I looked at a lot of schools and consider my finding Trailhead a real gift. Love it!

RK and NM

R.K. – 200-Hour Teacher Training Student

I’m presently taking the 200 Hour TT and it has been so much more than I expected. Not only are we learning the asanas and how to teach others but Justina and her wonderful guest instructors are taking us deeper into Yoga philosophy and on our own personal journeys of mind, body and spirit.

Martha Peebles

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Testimonial

When I started my yoga teacher training, almost a year ago, I had no idea the transformation I would see in myself and also the lifelong friends I would gain along the way. All I knew going in was that yoga poses came naturally to me and I might possibly make a good teacher. Spending a year learning at Trailhead has not only prepared me to teach yoga and meditation but has also deepened my own asana and meditation practice. I went in expecting only to learn how to teach asanas and came out with more understanding about the philosophy of yoga and how healing it is, not just physically but mentally as well. 

After graduating I’ve had many congratulations and questions asking if I’m glad it’s over. I’m absolutely not glad it’s over. Don’t get me wrong I’m extremely happy to have my certification, but I will miss these ladies so much. We all grew so close and if any of us had an issue we were struggling with in the slightest way we came together as a group to support one another. It was the best experience watching how we all grew and changed while studying and deepening our practice. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of women to spend this last year with.


200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training