Write Your Self: Using Personal Narrative for Self-Realization and Healing: A Self-Guided Writing Course


WRITINGBy delving into guided self-inquiry, and acquiring the necessary knowledge of the unique karmas that shape each and every one of our lives, we may regain significant memory and eradicate disease.  Maya Tiwari, Women’s Power to Heal Through Inner Medicine.

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When my husband committed suicide, I was completely crushed and I was thrown into a darkness that forced me to claw my way back to the light. All of the things I believed about myself and my life were destroyed in a moment. My stepping stones back to the light were the core truths about myself. There was nothing I could take for granted anymore.

Step one, I was still a mom to my three young daughters so that brought me the stability and motivation I desperately needed to start my climb back out.

Step two, I had an extended family there for love and connection.

Step three, I had to actively seek the things that had always brought me joy. Reading and writing have been two constants in my life so I practiced those two things.

Step four, I had to surrender the outcome to the Divine.

Some of my steps were gentle pushes from the universe (or maybe they were more like shoves). I exercised constantly after my husband died…I was a gym rat for sure. I took yoga as part of my fitness routine and after a year of being a faithful student, the teacher announced he was moving and would no longer be available to teach. The fitness center asked me to teach the class!?!?!? I had never taught anything in my life. This all led to my devotion and love to the art and science of yoga, and its sister science Ayurveda-both for health and well-being.

In the years that followed, I have rebuilt myself by constant self-reflection, self-analysis, and inspirational guidance from people I admire.

One of the core principles of yoga philosophy is self-study. This includes self-reflection practices and studying the wisdom of those that have gone before us. The source of all healing is within ourselves.

In this NEW eight-session program I offer you writing assignments and prompts to guide your self-reflection, and I also offer reading recommendations to further your growth and development. You will also see assignments to practice. Take as long as you need to complete each session. 

You are not obligated to share anything, however, if you would like to share you are certainly welcome to. With your sharing please provide the nature of feedback you will allow (writing/editing feedback, content, format, style, etc.)

If you need intuitive feedback, writing/editing assistance, or help with processing what you uncover with your writing contact me for an individual appointment at justina.namaste@gmail.com.


  • When you start diving in and reflecting on your life experiences it can be very difficult to feel grounded and stable. Please seek support when you need it in the form of a therapist/counselor to discuss your findings.
  • When you write just let the words flow without stopping, rereading, or crossing words out.
  • Do not dwell on emotions, thoughts, or feelings that you uncover. Let them flow through you.


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