Yoga for Beginners

Welcome to Trailhead where Yoga is a way of life. We use the postures of the body, techniques with the breath, and support for the mind to enable you to feel balanced and at ease. The goal of Yoga is to remove pain and suffering in all aspects of our being.

The word “Yoga” means union. It is the joining together of body, breath, mind, and spirit in each moment. This is hard to do! That is why it is called a practice.

Whatever your physical, emotional, mental, energetic goals are we can show you how Yoga can help you.

Our 6-week Foundations of Yoga class or our Beginning Yoga Weekly Class are great places to start. See below for the current schedule.

For your first class:

  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Do not eat at least two hours before the class.
  • Bring your own mat if you have one (we do have some available if you do not).
  • Silence your cell phone.



Buy the FOUNDATIONS OF YOGA Booklet to support your home practice