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  • I have enrolled in yoga class numerous times through the SIU School of Medicine Fit and Healthy Program. It is FABULOUS. Our instructor, Hernando, is very kind and provides us with a great yoga experience every time. We have had many instructors in the last couple of years but he is by far the most effective. His voice is incredibly calming and he gives clear instructions. Most of us have been taking his class repeatedly but during this summer 2012 session, we noticed some new faces. It was clear that a couple of the participants had not ever taken a yoga class. He welcomed them and started them off slowly yet, at the same time, provided a challenge to those of who have a bit more experience. That was nice to witness as I remember how lost I felt when I first started taking yoga.I am not able to attend every class related to my work schedule and I hope that he realizes that some are not in attendance because of work issues—-not due to dissatisfaction. I know that he has had some scheduling challenges in the past, (don’t we all!), but he has offered make-up sessions and it seems like the schedule has been more solid and reliable the last few times. I thank {formerly} Namaste for partnering with SIU SOM. We are charged a mere $30 each semester. I thank goodness for this partnership as I do not think that I could have afforded it any other way. yoga has helped bring some balance and clarity to my life. Although I am a slim and able-bodied person, I know I should engage in some sort of exercise so yoga has been a good match for me. I am a busy mother of an 11-year-old and never seem to have much time for myself as often as I would like. Yoga, through the Fit and healthy Program, has provided an opportunity for us tired and overworked souls to find a little peace in the middle of the day. I wonder if Namaste {now The Trailhead Center} and SIU would entertain the idea of a late afternoon session, 4:30 or 4:45? It might not be practical but it would be a great way to finish the work day and transition into the evening. Thanks for all you do!- Carolyn D. Holmes, MSN, RN, BC Nurse Educator Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Office of Education and Curriculum


  • I love the lunch hour yoga classes!  I do it mostly for the spiritual/emotional benefit I receive, but it is a really good work out as well!  I hope you continue to offer the classes! Namaste, Kim Colgan   Office Manager SIU School of Medicine


  • The Yoga class you offer is a great opportunity for us to stay in shape and it is so convenient to be able to participate over the lunch hour.   When you sit at a desk all day, it is really advantageous to be able to do some stretching and toning exercises.  My body feels 100% more relaxed and happy after each class!  I can also see a noticeable improvement in my balance and the class is a wonderful stress releaser.We really appreciate Hernando taking time out of his work schedule to teach the class.  When Hernando is not available, Dora subs for him and she does a fantastic job!  She corrects us when we are out of posture and gives us a good workout — which my body loves and appreciates! Thank you again and we hope you continue to offer your class! – Nancy Wells SIU School of Medicine


  • I absolutely love having the class here during lunch hours.  It really helps me bring some balance into my workday and my life. I even used yoga breathing the other day at the dentist getting fillings! It’s so nice to be able to call upon the “calm”  whenever or wherever I am. Hernando is excellent and so is Dora.   I hope you will keep this invaluable class available to us! Thanks.– Suzann Welch


  • The session was very relaxing which was the goal.  I have used a couple of the moves you showed us when I get stressed.  The breathing exercises are especially helpful. I received positive feedback from the others in the group. Thank you so much for doing the session onsite in our office. Made it a lot easier to fit it into our workday. – Lynda Golden, AIC QBE Regional Insurance