Your Yoga Personality

For my first blog post, I want to explore the idea of a yoga personality. What is yours? I notice a great deal of judgment and criticism of each other’s choices for a yoga practice claiming, “that is not traditional” or “that is not real yoga.” What is traditional? What is real? First, we must decide what is yoga. This is a personal decision. What is yoga to you? For me, yoga is a collection of tools and resources to remove pain and suffering in this life, with the goal of inner peace and service to others. It is a constant practice in peace and faith.

We see those focused on a “perfected” body or a “perfected” form. They are looking for an outward physical expression of their inner work. For some, yoga is entertainment and social connection and the yoga with beer, wine, and goats is popular. For others, it is a powerful way to release pent-up emotions, so they attend angry yoga, laughter yoga, or similar. There are as many styles of yoga as there are personalities in this great big, beautiful world.

Your yoga personality will surely ebb and flow, grow and change as you journey through the years. Do what you need to do at the moment to increase your peace of mind and add joy to your life.

Let’s support each other through our practice with curiosity and love, rather than judgment. Believe me, it is a practice for me too. I know that when I am consistent with my meditation practice and self-care rituals love springs easily. When I am lazy with my practice, when I am unhappy or unfulfilled, I am much likely to shoot arrows of criticism to another.

Take care of yourself and your peace of mind. Let your intuition guide you about what to explore in your personal practice next. It is simple, but not always easy.

Comment with the details of your current practice.

 Let’s all make the effort to become good human beings, to be good citizens, to love all and exclude none. That is the way to the divine.  Swami Rama.