Immunity Tips for Well-Being

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All human beings have the inner potential and skill to be completely healthy, but in today’s world, because of the social and economic pressures, human beings have forgotten that all things happen deep within before they appear on the physical and mental levels. Swami Rama, Holistic Health

What is Immunity?

Immunity is our body’s natural response to maintain a level of homeostasis in the face of an ever-increasing number of outside invaders. Increasing environmental, industrial, social, pharmaceutical, emotional, and dietary stressors all have an effect on our immune system.  

What can we do to help ourselves?

Yoga: Medicine From the Inside

  • A yoga practice helps us to learn to pay attention to our actions, emotions, and feelings and to listen to the call of the body before an illness manifests.
  • Inner contentment and mental satisfaction are the real keys to health.

Ayurveda – literally, “knowledge of life”

  • A therapy that is tailored to fit an individual’s unique constitution.
    • The balance of the doshas
    • Eating a balancing diet for your unique constitution

To Improve Immunity:

  • Laugh and smile a lot
  • Take time to relax
  • Meditate regularly
  • Spend time in nature
  • Exercise your creativity
  • Offer your gifts to others
  • Follow your heart’s passion
  • Engage in physical activity
  • Reduce toxins
  • Daily activities that are 100% healing–avoiding immune depressing chemicals and foods.
  • Keep the channels of circulation open.
  • Strong heart, balanced emotions/emotional stability, good relationships

Ayurvedic Herbs-Adaptogens/Immunomodulators

An adaptogen is an herb that allows the body to “adapt” to stressful situations by increasing the body’s resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety, and fatigue. These herbs balance the endocrine, nervous, and immune systems and maintain optimal homeostasis. Adaptogens have also been called “tonics,” “rasayanas,” or “restoratives.” Not all antioxidant substances are considered to be adaptogens, though adaptogens do contain a fair amount of antioxidants. One of these adaptogens is Chyawanprash.

We sampled the Ayurvedic herbal jam Chyawanprash (jam) and discussed several other herbs that help our body balance and strengthen the immune system.

Western Herbs

Amy discussed:

  • Herbal modulators and preventatives to help strengthen the immune system and prevent infections
  • Immune stimulants
  • Antimicrobials to kill germs
  • Lymph movers to cleanse the body of toxins
  • Diaphoretics to induce sweating to reduce fever and eliminate toxins

We sampled Amy’s homemade elderberry syrup. So yummy!

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