Ayurvedic Consultations

It’s About Integration – Mind, Body, & Spirit


During an online consultation, you have the opportunity to discuss your current concerns. We will discuss your daily habits, diet, and routine; your family medical history; etc. all from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perspective.

Do you have:

  • Poor sleep/insomnia

  • Anxiety

  • Impatience

  • Fatigue

  • Poor concentration

  • Yo-yo dieting

  • Poor digestion

  • Confused thinking

  • Stress

Do you want:240_F_107396853_d85EoM3iomavSTiIxDEsWfLIOvsW3PgX

  • Confident action

  • Emotional balance and stability

  • Self-confidence

  • Physical balance

  • Balanced nutrition

  • Clear priorities

  • Improved concentration

  • To respond rather than react

  • Improved intuition

Move from Misery to Bliss

Schedule your personal consultation that includes a personalized, seasonal nutrition and lifestyle plan. Remote sessions available.

Intake Session and Action Plan

An intake session (allow 60-90 minutes) consists of discussing current concerns, medical history, and current nutrition. The Action Plan (allow 60-90 minutes for explanation) is a specific plan designed for you of nutrition, daily routine, and lifestyle recommendations.

$ 175 for your personalized plan. Email justina.namaste@gmail.com to schedule your session. Remote and onsite appointments available.


Follow-up Consultation/Mentoring Session/Energetic Healing/Yoga Therapy

Life happens and imbalances occur. Schedule a follow-up session to receive a custom treatment plan.

$75 (60-75 min)

Email justina.namaste@gmail.com to start your path to bliss now.