Mysteries and Fish

I just read something that I am dying to share. Do you remember the Dr. Suess book “A Fish Out of Water?” It is about the boy that buys a fish and is warned by the pet store owner not to feed the fish too much, and of course, he does and the fish keeps getting bigger and bigger. The boy transfers the fish from vases to the bathtub, and eventually floods his house. Then, the boy calls the fire department and they come to take the fish to the community swimming pool. Gutted, the boy has to call the pet store owner (Mr. Carp) to come and help him. Mr. Carp comes, dives into the pool and POOF the fish is restored to his normal size.


I am reading the book “Jnana-Yoga” by Swami Vivekananda and there is a story of the great sage Manu sitting by the Ganges River when a minnow swims up to him for help. He takes the fish and puts it in a pot of water. The little minnow explains that he is being chased by a much bigger fish and wants protection. Manu takes the fish home and by morning, the fish no longer fits in the pot. Manu puts the fish in a tank, and the fish becomes as big as the tank. The fish is moved to the river, and the fish outgrows the river. Then, Manu puts the fish in the ocean, and the fish explains that he is actually the Divine Creator and He has come to warn of the great flood. He tells Manu to build an ark, load up all the animals in pairs (sound familiar?), climb on board with his own family and wait for the flood to subside so he can repopulate the world…and we are all called “man” because we are the descendants of Manu.

Stories of the great flood are present in so many cultures. But, I am just so tickled by the similarity of this myth and the Dr. Suess book. And I wonder, did Dr. Suess know this story? Is that where he got the idea. Do I want to research that? Well, not really. I want to finish this book by Vivekananda. So, if anyone can provide real answers to this question I would be interested to know.


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